Happy Thanksgiving VU

Even if you've already celebrated it, or don't ever celebrate it - we wanted all of you to know that we are thankful for you! 

We are working very hard to get all the orders shipped out - so hard that we've even been shipping orders out today on a holiday!! So thank you for your patience and understanding - you guys rock!

In a couple hours we will be offering 15% OFF all orders with promo code BLACKFRIDAY and we hope you guys take advantage of the promo code to get yourself and your friends some cool gear! Also, as already mentioned, the first 200 orders will receive a gift with purchase. This a not for sale item that we had made specially to show thanks to you guys for your support.

Just a reminder orders made on beanies and the womens' boyfriend fit sweats will be available to purchase on promo tonight, however will not ship until end of next week.



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  • kh

    Ermm, my order just came in today. I have no idea if I have gotten the token. Is it a VU CREW bracelet? (hopefully it is !! :D)

  • morgan

    Thanks for the reply CodyBear6!

  • CodyBear6

    ^ You’ll know when you get your order, I got mine today =^__=

  • morgan

    When do we find out if we were part of the first 200?

  • Pilar

    VU Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and my question is this I want to buy something here but I my credit account is in my national money…. so I don´t know how can I do. Please answer me as soon as U can :-D

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