January 2014

Happy New Years Ladies and Gentleman

In the month of January we will be re-stocking the web site.



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  • Candy

    The boyfriend sweats are the most comfortable piece of clothing I own!
    And the slouch beanie, is heaven <3 Thank you for making such amazing high quality products VU Crew and Zack :]
    Much love from AZ [CAli born!]

  • Punkaa

    I ordered the beanie so gorgeous, just missing a scarf to go with it haha :)

  • Dawn

    Don’t run out of the beanies that are on ZV’s gorgeous dome. I gots dough. x) just gots to get off my ass and put it in my account.

  • Mike

    Yes! I’ve wanted a zombie hoodie for so long!

  • Elliott

    I desperately need the coloured zomby hoodie!

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