Whats Your Favorite VU Design?

Whats Your Favorite VU Design?

Enquiring minds would like to know

- vu crew

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  • Sebastian

    I love the 6661 design. I wish I could find the VU Sleeveless Hoodie that says “The best reVenge is bettering yoUrself”

  • James

    Bring back the 6661 belt buckles!

  • Kel

    LOVE all things Marilyn. Due to sizing, I get the men’s shirts (XXL) and have the tank and the t-shirt. Would love the thermal but it runs too small =(. But hands down favorite is Marilyn

  • Monica

    Holy cow I just had the perfect vision, a baseball shirt with buttons and the bold or crsive vu logo THAT would be awesome

  • Nikky

    I love the Laugh Now clowns, I’ve always wanted to see them used more. Also, maybe bringing back some of the Zacky V Presents designs would be pretty rad. The Cholas especially.

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