Marilyn is temporarily retiring


If you ever wanted the Marilyn find her now in the vault - we will not be re-stocking her for a while


- vu crew

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  • Carly

    Sad, but I’m glad I got my hands on the white long sleeve thermal…but I’m excited for the new designs you have now and can’t wait for more!

  • cimi_ronny26

    Hi! Sorry, I can’t understand where could I buy the plectrum of Vengeance University (sorry my english ramshackle, I’m Italian)

  • Kim

    Sad to see the design retire – but I’ll have her wherever I go…seeing as how she’s permanently tattooed on my body :) The entire design (minus the hills and 6661) run from just below my hip to right above my knee. Such a classic!

  • Deceit

    As a trade, would you guys consider bringing the Mickey designs back? In my opinion, they are one of the classics.

  • Monique

    Since Marilyn retiring is something new going to take her place soon?

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