New Items & Restock - Update

New Items & Restock

We are working hard to get new items and re-stock ready ASAP!! Hope you are as excited as we are! ETA mid August just in time for back to school.

New items are arriving to us daily and we are so excited to share them with you in the upcoming weeks!

- vu crew

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  • Dawn

    xo <3

  • Gabriella

    Hi, I would like to ask to please bring back the black and/or white and purple t-shirts that had a skull with a mohawk design and a collage of posters with words on them? Not exactly sure what was it was can’t quite remember. Thanks! Love you all. \m/

  • Trycia V

    That’s so cool! ;) it’s possible to restock a dark grey beanie? it will be nice a black and white zombie t-shirt for women and something leopard design :)

  • wolfie

    PLEASE make the jersey again would be the best!!

  • laney

    I just love how amazing and creative you are zacky your just so creative in your designs are just amazing but your guitar playing is the best ever and just omg haha your just perfect and Michigan loves you so much you and matt and brian and johnny and arin come back soon please and keep being amazing haha

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