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Finally!! The new items are here! - Well at least that's how we feel, lol. We put a lot of heart into all of our items and make sure they are exactly what we want before we post them for sale. Quality is of the upmost importance to us and almost everything *all apparel* gets made right here in Huntington Beach so we can monitor and inspect everything before it gets to you. We want you to be as happy as we are with our products! You will notice more Vengeance University action in the next few months as Fall is our favorite time of the year. We have lots planned! Hope you stay tuned and check it out!!!

Thank you from the entire Vu Crew

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  • Trycia

    please! restock Womens Signature Raglan in small size :D I want it so much! <3

  • Candy

    So glad you brought back some “old school” merch back!

  • crimsonday

    You guys should make backpatches! Wanna customize my denim jacket with VU but couldn’t bear to cut up any of my shirts to do it lol .

  • Cailey Shain

    Just wanted too add thanks for the hoodie dress, I’ve been asking for a dress for a while so yay! I’d love if you guys made another show stopper piece like the bodysuit, although I love to where it at conventions, I’d love something else eye catching to break out for conventions.

  • Chelsea

    Just Started A New Job And They Said I Could Wear My Old VU Gear! (which Mean I Need More VU Gear =) ) Love The Brand And The Stuff Although I Wish There Were Kids Apparel So My Mini Me’s Can Look Bad Ass Too!

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