Happy Halloween! - It's Close Enough ;)


Sooooo as you have already probably figured out... we will not be stocking any new items for Halloween - BUT - the good news is, that's because we have sooooo much new stuff planned for next month! 

Stay tuned 

- vu crew

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  • Lorrie Ann

    Just dropping in to wish you all a happy almost Thanksgiving ..try not to work to hard
    much love
    Lorrie Ann

  • Lorrie Ann

    I’m waiting…..patiently
    gahh no I’m not hurry hurry
    gimmie it!!

  • Jvengz

    Hurry hurry hurry

  • Kmarie

    Can’t w8! I think a bodycon dress 4 chicks would b awesome!

  • monica

    We need more punk attire influences you know studded stuff and patches… and greaser ;) please xx

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