Here at the new VU Headquarters we are toasting to every single member of the VU Crew! We are thankful for every single one of you for making VU possible and helping us grow over these past years into an amazing community and something we take so much pride in! We have been hard at work this Fall season to make this the most special VU Christmas to date! We will be re-stocking our signature designs and releasing several new amazing designs. We are looking forward to the release of several new items that will be the perfect gift for every VU Crew member you know!


We look forward to sharing everything with you this week - Stay tuned for updates and intel!

P.S. Yes, there will be an amazing contest involved. ;)

VU Crew

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  • Gabriella

    Congratulations! I’m so excited! I cannot wait for all the new merchandise! Thank you so much for all your awesome hard work! Best wishes to you all. Just being able to have something from Zacky & his crew means a whole lot to me because Zacky is my absolute favorite & his creativity blows my mind amazing. Sending lots of love from across the country here in NY, NY!

  • Carmen

    Congrats!!! Pick me, pick me for the contest! :D Have a great holiday weekend!

  • Laura

    I seriously can not wait for the new and restocked items….hell yes!!!! I love your gear <3!! Oh and a contest….AWESOME!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving VU Crew!

  • dawn

    Can’t wait! I will have my VU gear for fucking ever. Don’t care how many holes they get. Although I do have to admit I try to rotate them and try not to wear the same ones too often, especially the originals, to avoid any holes and fading. Sometimes they even get put back in the closet dirty. Cause that’s what the tag says is an option lol. Love yous always

  • James

    Cheers to the past and cheers to whats ahead!!! Cheers to you all! :)

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