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  • Emily

    I came up with an idea while waiting for my buttons to arrive (I love them by the way!) I love how fast it took for them to get here and I ordered the sweats the day after I got the buttons. I can’t wait for them to get here, they look extremely comfortable and I can’t wait to wear them!

  • Gemma

    I’ve had two orders in as many months. First the women’s sleeveless hoodie & then the Lipstick & World War V tee’s. The designs are awesome & they are all amazing quality. Delivery to the UK was fast as well. I could happily live in just VU gear… roll on payday!

  • Stacie

    I love how quick you get orders out and the quality of the products as well. I also love how easy it is to get a product replaced if it was mis-shipped from what you first order. I really love how you are always keeping up with the weather for all places me living on the east coast sometimes can’t wear tank tops but there is always hoodies and always cool designs for everything. Keep it up zacky and keep bringing us cool new designs

  • Mary

    I loved the pillow and bracelets I wear the bracelets every day and use the pillow every night is it comfortable to sleep with. Thanks again for making it easy for everyone to order and keep up the great work with new items love them all

  • Bob

    You guys should make a white colored zombie shirt!

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