The day after Christmas will be your chance to grab the gift of VU that someone may have forgotten to get you for Christmas. We will have a few new mark-downs to grab off our Boxing Day page. We will have an exclusive Boxing Day product that will be found on the Boxing Day page. Best of all, we will be having a site wide $ale!


- vu crew

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  • Lorrie Ann

    Quick make me something for Valentines day

  • Kate

    Please,we all need the Womens Tic Tac Toe Hoodie. I hope so much they will be back next time

  • Marie

    I missed the sale :(
    I was looking for the cropped hoodie in gray it was $10 on sale. I need a womens size medium. This was supposed to be a suprise for my daughter. Will you be getting more in? She is a huge A7X fan!!!!

    Thank you!

  • maureen

    Will you be bringing back the Paddys day tshirt before March?

  • Kath

    I enjoy every things about VU .You are all good. Vu is the best clothing line ever.Zacky is the best guitarist ever.Meaghan and Matt,the best models ever ! So now,bring back the womens body pleeeaaaassse <3 :) Love you always vu crew and you are all rocks. Don’t never change ! :)

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