Spring Cleaning Event

Spring Cleaning

Join us tmrw night, Friday May 1st 2015 @ 9pm PST to score some amazing deals on some amazing items. This $ale will run all weekend while supplies last. Don't miss out!

- vu crew

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  • kmarie

    I just bought another If Looks Could Kill hoodie dress!!! :D.looks & feels amazing,& perfectly made 2 fit a ladies body.The best piece of clothing I own! I wear it all the time & when it needs washing I get upset?LOL! Best thing is they’re still on sale so YAY 4 me!!

  • kmarie

    Best day of my week by far!! Why? Bcoz my VU hoodies were delivered 2day☺.YAY!I tried them on straight away & they look shit hot on! (that means "Amazing "here Down Under)LOL!?I’m smitten with my ILCK hoodie dress?
    Thanku Mr Baker?

  • Ryn B.

    I absolutely loved the VU Spring Cleaning Sale! I am excited to see the restock and new items that are coming soon too! Thank you VU crew!!!! :D

  • Jack

    I was hoping the red-sleeved Zomby hoodie would go on sale :s

  • Vengeance Power

    Oh man I can’t wait I love your stuff so much

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