Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend Sale

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- vu crew


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  • Rachel

    That’s cool how the 3rd scroll pic right now on the main page is of knuckle tatts :) its funny ; cause earlier today I was thinking about possible knuckle tatts.. My ah-ha moment was why not: real 6661
    for some knuckle tatts!
    I love the new swag by the way; I am quite a fan of the colored american flag, the new tote, and thee jersey especially !
    Cheers !! :)

  • KathMarie

    I see you bring back the aged whiskey for mens.Will you bring back for womens? And will you restock the OG Raglan too? Anyway,these new designs are SO awesome and nice job VU. Once again you rock! :)

  • Crystal I

    Love the new stuff! They all look great!

  • gen

    Love everything Zaky!! You guys really out did yourselves on this one!! Once again I bought a ton and I can’t wait for it to get to my house!! Love you Zaky!!!

  • Brianna

    Placed my order and can’t wait for all my new goodies!! Love it and thank you for such an awesome sale on some awesome new stuff for my wardrobe! Thanks Zacky V and the VU Crew! You guys are the best! XoXo <3 from Maui!- Queen_Bri808

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