& The Winners of The First Ever VU Contest Are...


1st place - order # 2741
2nd place - order # 2869
3rd place - order # 2923

But hey you're all winners because you win at life! & now you have some new VU gear to rep 

Thank you to everyone who took part in todays festivities!


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  • d

    Congrats you lucky fuckers! Wanted to win for the hoodie and tshirts. If I won, I promised to give the merch I already had to my spawn. Everytime I get somethin he asks if he can have it and I have to say no to the kid, but he says “awww maaaan” and thats it. he’s okay with my selfishness. haha. Keep the new stuff in stock PLEASE for when I finally am temporarily un-broke. Luh ya.

  • Nathan

    Thank you Zacky and VU! Representing VU in the UK

  • Xavi V

    …I hope they do another big sale like this, I want to win, congratulations to the winners, VU Crew amazing…

  • Crystal I

    I just woke up and found out I won!!! HONESTLY I was NOT expecting this! AHHHH so excited! I just sent my email for my sizes! =) THANKS ZACKY & the VU CREW!

  • Ashley

    Damn that was close, I was so hoping to win an autograph ;) Congrats to the winners!! :)

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