Hollywood Hoodie

Quality is king to us @ vengenz.com - so we are issuing a refund on the Hollywood Hoodie and will not be shipping out any at this time.

Our sincerest apologies
@ this time orders that included this item have been shipped and refunded the cost of the 'Hollywood Hoodie', look for an email in your inbox :)


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  • Felicia

    I ordered 2 of this hoodie and when I got the email, it was bittersweet. I was sad because I really like this hoodie and so does my sister (hence why I bought 2) and I was happy because I spent money that I should’ve been saving.
    But you can expect that as soon as they are back up for sale, I am ordering 2 of them! VU rocks. Designs are awesome, quality is great (though I did have one issue with my Vpentagram necklace… the charm kept falling off and the necklace kept coming undone… lost the charm the other day, while I was at the park… but I ordered another one to replace it because it has become one of my most favorite necklaces)
    Can’t wait to see new designs and to rock this hoodie when you bring it back! (Hopefully it’s soon!)

  • Kelly

    My heart sank when I saw my order for this jacket was canceled. Been hoping for a jacket like this, but I am glad you guys watch out for the quality for your customers. Thank you and keep up the good work. Every VU jacket I buy always turns out to be my new favorite jacket. :-)

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