Want One Of These?

Limited Zack-O-Lantern Shirts!

Just in case any of you missed our pre-order deadline...  













Order yours now - wear it whenever you want ;)


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  • monique

    love love! hope to see more totes in the future and have an fabulous Halloween, one of the best days all year

  • Tyler

    Just ordered mine with a sweater! Saw you guys in Cincinnati! Amazing show, hope you do an extended your so I can see you guys again! <3

  • Jenn

    Got mine today!

  • Pinkly Sm00th87

    I am getting my wife and I one, we already sport our Frankenstein and Mrs. Munster shirts with prideful vengeance! I hope the guys are having a successful tour! We Vengeance University supporters are one of a kind and wear the f**k outta these threads!

  • Kim

    Got mine today!! Thanks VU! See you on the 16th in Orlando ZV :)

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