Galactic Thursday

Tis' The Season To Be Jolly!

It's the moment you've all been waiting for...
Galactic Thursday!

Now if you're not familiar with Galactic Thursday, here's what you need to know.

1. It starts Wednesday December 7th @ 9PM PST - which is technically Thursday right?
2. It's way better than 'Cyber Monday' - LAME
3. It's only going on @ WWW.VENGENZ.COM

Now that you're more familiar with Galactic Thursday,
here's what to look for...

For starters, we will be offering the $5.00 ADD A SHIRT promo again! Pulled from different stock then last weeks add a shirt promo. This will be first come, first served and limited 1 per customer. 

"Tis The Season of Giving" - The first 200 orders that exceed $50.00 (before shipping), will receive a gift from us to you! Yay presents!

All domestic orders will be shipped for $5.00!

All orders are 10% OFF! Use promo code GALACTIC @ checkout.

And last, but certainly not least. We will have 50 of the ALL ACCESS PASSES available for sale. We kept half of them aside specifically for those of you who were unable to purchase when we first launched them!

Come join us and celebrate this holiday season with Galactic Thursday. Give the gift of Vengeance to your family and loved ones, or just gift yourself because sometimes the best gifts are the ones you pick out for yourself when you're supposed to be shopping for your loved ones.

See you Wednesday Dec 7th @ 9pm PST!

- love the VU crew

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  • Nicole

    Love VU, but, even after refreshing I couldn’t get the $5 shirt… Damn.

  • Jess C

    It’s 5 am for me right now but i definitely wasn’t gonna miss getting more VU gear. Spent a lot but to rep Zacky V its worth it. Thanks for the great quality and unique style. Plus the discounts and little extras you throw in. Won’t find that done anywhere else, the VU Crew are the best!

  • Crystal I

    Yay got it! Just had to refresh a few times when I checked out for the promo to pop out! :) Excited for the gift… if I made it within the first 200!

  • Crystal I

    I’m trying to add the $5 shirt, but it’s not popping up when I check out :(

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