Is It 2017 Yet?

2016 - As Told By Zacky V

Many would agree that 2016 was a year best suited for the books... on a dark shelf down a long hallway. Here is our year end recap of some of the best of times and worst of times 2016 had to offer...

The year the booty got too big. Everyone can appreciate a nice booty but a lot of people musta got real butt hurt this year cuz their butts be too swoll. 

When left between two unsettling options, People took their frustrations to the polls in The US and UK. After the UKs stunning Brexit the US quickly followed suit and jumped onboard the ship. After hastily throwing the life rafts overboard we proceeded to set fire to it whilst at sea.. HAH that’ll show em’! 

Avenged Sevenfold released a surprise album… I too just found out about this. 

Sadly Team Rock and its publications could not even survive 2016. 

The Cubs won the world series. I believe this was foretold long ago to signal the end of the world by ancient Indians fans. 

Being a dad has its perks. I am certain Santa Claus is real because I am him. 

The war still rages on in Syria. Nothing funny to say here. Don’t people have better things to do then destroy? 

Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar. This too signals the end of times. 

In a continued display of cultural diversity, America elected its first ever Orange President. 

Kudos to The Standing Rock Tribe for reminding everyone that no one will be laying pipe to them anytime soon. 

We lost the first Princess who traveled through space. Then shortly after, we lost her mother. Hopefully they are singing in the rain together somewhere in another galaxy far, far, away.

And lastly…Vengeance University is still going strong and wishing you a healthy and prosperous 2017! Thank you for everything. This year has probably taken a few years off my calendar and added a few grey hairs in my beard but I am still so thankful that we are all in this together! I wish you all nothing but the best this world has to offer and ask you share that sentiment to others. Please feel free to add any other notable (preferably witty) moments of 2016 in the comments section below.


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